Water Well and Pump Service Information for Agoura Hills, CA 91301

If you need to drill a water well or need water pump service for your well in Agoura Hills, it is nice to know a little bit about your city.

Agoura Hills was incorporated in 1982 and has a current estimated population of 20,745. It is 8.2 square miles and contains natural areas that are part of the California chaparral and woodlands ecoregion. It is located in the eastern Conejo Valley between the Simi Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains and is bordered by the cities of Calabasas, Oak Park and Westlake Village and the unincorporated area of Agoura.

Drilling Water Wells in Agoura Hills, California

Agoura Hills, California is in Los Angeles County. The County Department of Public Health’s Environmental Health Division oversees the drilling and testing of residential water wells within designated cities and unincorporated areas. They also regulate any drilling moratoriums for the county. Their website provides a useful, informative, detailed pamphlet entitled “Requirements and Procedures for Private Residential and Commercial Water Wells” which gives step by step instructions for getting approval to first drill and then use a residential well. The pamphlet details the steps thoroughly and also describes what to do if the water quality standards are not met.

The steps of the approval process can be summarized as:

  • Submit a well permit application
  • Application is reviewed for completeness of information
  • Location is evaluated by an inspector
  • Work plan and application are reviewed
  • Inspector witnesses well seal installation
  • Well yield and water quality testing are performed
  • Final approval for use is granted

Water Well Drilling and Pump Maintenance Service in Agoura Hills

In Los Angeles County, a permitted well can only be drilled by a California contractor who holds a C‐57 license. Sierra Exploration and Drilling holds this license and meets the criteria to drill water wells in Los Angeles County. In addition to drilling, we provide pump installation, service, and replacement.
Water pump service in in Augoura Hills, CA
Drilled water well in Agoura Hills, CA

Water Well Inspection Service in Agoura Hills

Because a water well is a private water supply, testing the quality of the water is the responsibility of the property owner. Contaminants from the soil can affect the taste and appearance of the water, as well as its fitness for drinking. Occasionally bacteria can find their way into a well and cause the water to be unsuitable for consumption. It is important to have the water tested at least once a year, after a flood, or when there is a change in the taste or appearance of the water. While this may be done using a do-it-yourself test kit, it is important to contact a qualified professional should the results show any contamination.

Important City and County Information about Water Well for Agoura Hills, CA

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