If you need to drill a water well or need water pump service for your well in Santa Ynez, it is nice to know a little bit about your city.

Santa Ynez is a census-designated place (CDP) in the Santa Ynez Valley about 40 miles north of Santa Barbara. Named for Saint Agnes (Ynez in Spanish) it has a population of about 4,500 in just over 5 square miles.

Its Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for growing grapes and it is home to several well-known wineries.

Drilling Water Wells in Santa Ynez, California

Santa Ynez, California is in Santa Barbara County. The Santa Barbara County Department of Environmental Health Services is the department tasked with the approval of water well drilling in the county of Santa Barbara. A link to the permit application as well as a list of licensed well drillers and other water well information can be found here.

Water pump service in Santa Ynez, CA
Drilled water well in Santa Ynez, CA

Water Well Drilling and Pump Maintenance Service in Santa Ynez

Once a well has been drilled, approved and in use, it also falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Planning and Development and periodic reports must be filed with that department. Information specific to water wells is found on pages 106-107 of this document.

Sierra Exploration and Drilling is a licensed water well driller and meets the criteria to drill water wells in Santa Barbara County. In addition to drilling, we provide pump installation, service, and replacement.

Water Well Inspection Service in Santa Ynez

Because a water well is a private water supply, testing the quality of the water is the responsibility of the property owner. Contaminants from the soil can affect the taste and appearance of the water, as well as its fitness for drinking. Occasionally bacteria can find their way into a well and cause the water to be unsuitable for consumption. It is important to have the water tested at least once a year, after a flood, or when there is a change in the taste or appearance of the water. While this may be done using a do-it-yourself test kit, it is important to contact a qualified professional should the results show any contamination.

Important City and County Information about Water Well for Santa Ynez, CA

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