In addition to drilling and pump installation, we offer other services for your water well system.

Well Inspection and Yield Testing

If you need a well inspection or yield test for a real estate or appraisal report, or you just want more information about your well and its performance capabilities, give us a call. We will perform an inspection of your complete system including the well itself, the pump, the controls and the tank, and generate a report that is acceptable for escrow and appraisal purposes.

Well Inspection & Yield Testing
Water Well Testing for water quality.
Testing a water well pump

Water quality testing

While public water supplies are regulated by the US EPA, private water wells remain under the jurisdiction of the land owner. This means that regular testing of your water supply is important. Certain contaminants which come from the soil itself, such as sulphur, calcium or iron, can be removed with filters or water conditioning systems.

Occasionally bacteria, such a coliform and e-coli, can enter the water system and become a health hazard. These bacteria may not cause a change in the taste or appearance of the water but can pose a dangerous threat to your health when present. We recommend testing of your well water at least once a year, if there has been a flood or if there is a noticeable change in the taste or appearance of the water.

Removal of bacteria from a well requires inspection to determine the source before it can be treated. We will make sure the well is physically sound and sealed, treat the well, and then test the water again to make sure it’s safe. We will continue to work with you until we are confident the problem has been solved and your water is safe to drink again.